If you own, rent or operate a facility that has lighting that is on more than 12 hours per day on average, Soltura may be able to save you money and time with no investment on your part.

Soltura offers lighting service agreements to its customers who are seeking to reduce their energy footprint without the substantial up-front financial commitment required to purchase state of the art efficient lighting.

Soltura has partnered with leading lighting installers in Colorado in order to offer a worry-free solution to our clients with no money up-front and up to 25% net savings from day one.

Soltura focuses exclusively on small to medium organizations and has tailored its solutions to address the unique needs of this group of customers.

Soltura Lighting Service Agreement basics:

  • Soltura owns the lighting equipment and your organization pays a monthly fee that is less than the savings generated by the upgraded equipment.
  • Maintenance savings alone can often justify the upgrade as the new equipment will typically have a 60,000 hour life (7 years at 24/7 or 10 years at 16 hours per day).
  • Energy and maintenance savings create real long-term value while reducing energy consumption and improving lighting quality.

To apply for a Soltura Lighting Services Agreement for your facility, click here.